Don’t Be Afraid To Mark It !

From the breaking of the dawn to the setting of the sun,
I will stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Words of power, strong to save, that will never pass away,
I will stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
For Your covenant is sure,
And on this I am secure—
I can stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
When I stumble and I sin, condemnation pressing in,
I will stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
You are faithful to forgive that in freedom I might live,
So I stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Guilt to innocence restored,
You remember sins no more—
So I’ll stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
When I’m faced with anguished choice, I will listen for Your voice,
And I’ll stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Through this dark and troubled land
You will guide me with Your hand
As I stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
And You’ve promised to complete
Ev’ry work begun in me—
So I’ll stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Hope that lifts me from despair, love that casts out ev’ry fear,
As I stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Not forsaken, not alone, for the Comforter has come,
And I stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Grace sufficient, grace for me,
Grace for all who will believe—
We will stand on ev’ry promise of Your Word.
Every Promise Of Your Word, by Keith Getty,
a Northern Irish Christian singer and songwriter


Are you new to the Bible and want to begin studying
God’s Word,
but you just don’t know how to begin?

Try the read and mark method!

There is nothing that says you can’t mark-up your Bible.  I do it all the time.  In fact my Bible looks almost like the picture you see.  I have words underlined, highlight pens in every colour. Important thoughts are written in the sides that I want to remember why I thought that verse was so important at the time.


Some people don’t write in their Bibles because they think they are defacing it.  But we aren’t defacing it, we’re just providing ourselves with a mapping out of important words and phrases from God to instill in our heads, in hopes it will travel down to our hearts.


Get started…you can choose a newer version such as the NIV:The New International Version.  This version is more simplified than the King James Version(KJV) or even the New King James Version(NKJV).  If you are a newcomer to the Bible the wording and phrasing is a bit easier to understand.  Some people shy away from the Bible because they say it’s wording is too complicated.  The NIV is the most like the NKJV, which I use, but I have been reading my Bible for many years.  The more you read, the easier to understand.

Some Bibles are study bibles, where there are notes at the bottom of each page with references to the verses above that will provide a clearer understanding of the text.  (I recommend the Jeremiah Study Bible by Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point for God.)


Start with an easier book such as Matthew in the New Testament or Proverbs in the Old Testament.  First and most important ask the Lord to speak to you, to open your heart to receive the word.  Then read the first paragraph.  Look for something to underline, circle, or highlight.  Read the next paragraph and do the same.  Ask yourself if there is a truth to learn?  A promise to claim?  A prayer to repeat?  A command to obey?

If a verse confuses you, put a question mark ? by it.
If it thrills you put an exclamation mark ! 
If it’s a verse you would like to memorize, circle it 
Spend time working on it word by word.
Then, when you’ve finished that book move on to another.


The Bible isn’t a book of old men’s stories.  The Old Testament(OT) is a history of what happened to people who trusted God and those who didn’t.  It foretells of things which were to happen and in fact did, as you will see in the New Testament(NT), such as the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In the Book of Daniel(OT), God gave him a glimpse of what may happen in the future, as in Revelation(NT), which sets out what will happen.


The more you read, the more God will show you things.


He will show you what is going on in the world today.  He will show you His unchanging love for you.  He will show you all His promises for you.

Most importantly, God will show you the Way, the Truth, and the Light who is His Son Jesus Christ, who our focus needs to be on, for our eternity depends on HimJesus will never fail you.  When you look into God’s Word, you will see a road map to eternity.  When you’re in the midst of a struggle, it will guide you because you will start to remember the words you’ve marked.

Be patient, don’t get discouraged. 

The more you study, the more you learn. 

The more you learn, the more you will want to keep reading —

and don’t forget to MARK!