The way He looks at me, the way He looks at me

The way He smiles cause I’m His.  The way He cares for me , the way He gives me happiness 

He thinks I’m lovely like a cherished rose; A diamond sparkling;

The apple of His eye;  He’d gladly give His life for mine 

I’m so amazed by You,

You took away the ugly lie and showed me the truth 

Next to Him, I’m so small He’s so perfect,

I’m so flawed I’m so poor and He’s the maker of all

He’s the melody that makes my soul sing

He adores me, though I’m so unworthy

And I can say, I’m beautiful because He sees me 

I’ve never been so loved.

And I still comprehend how much more is enough

Cause all I know is what I feel right now.  He overwhelms me

I laugh, I cry, I dance, I sing, I write

As if my body just can’t contain all this praise inside 

I’m so amazed by You.

You took away the ugly lie and showed me the truth. 

I never knew such pride could be found; Hidden here on my knees in humility

I’m confident You know me well;  Just the way I am, and You still call me beautiful. 

by Beckah Shae, Christian Artist

My hair

doesn’t always

stay in place!

I spill things a lot

I’m very clumsy


I have a broken heart

My friends

and I

get into fights


some days

nothing goes right

But when I think about it

And take a step back

I Remember how

amazing life truly is 

And through all

my imperfections




You create beauty with:  

Your attitude;  Your behaviour;  Your actions

It’s all up to you!

God made you