(Verses of hymn are italic blue throughout tract.)

globe-Once there was nothing but darkness, from the darkness night was formed

Then the world we know started into grow and the earth came alive with the morn.

In the beginning God was already here.  He existed before time began.  There was nothing but darkness which God chose to be night.  But then he reversed the darkness into light, which in a sense is symbolic of the grace and presence of Himself in the world.  Now we have day, another element of time, in that we now have the 24 hour day.  Genesis 1 1-3

TIME FLIES– does it have wings? The days are passing quickly.  We are always saying we don’t have enough time to get all the stuff done we want to.

TIME IS A GREAT HEALER–yes, over time broken hearts mend or broken bones.

TIME IS MONEY–oh, this is the classical business man’s motto.

TIME WILL TELL–a plan started will only show results at a later date.

So much of our daily lives revolves around a clock.


All that there is has a season, it may come too slow for some

But to grow takes time, lots and lots of time, when you’re ready your season will come.


To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.

A time to be born, and a time to die.  A time to plant, and a time to reap what is planted.

A time to kill, and a time to heal.  A timeto break down and a time to build up.

A time to weep and a time to laugh.  A time to mourn and a time to dance.

A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones.

A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.

A time to gain and a time to lose.  A time to keep and a time to throw away.

A time to tear and a time to sew.  A time to keep silence and a time to speak.

A time to love and a time to hate.  A time of war and a time of peace.  Ecclesiastes 3 1-8

In Solomon’s poem he is showing the influence of time on our bodies, our souls and our spirits and shows God’s sovereignty in every aspect of our human existence.  We have a God who is in control and a God who is worth worshiping.  A God with a plan and a God who is good.

I’ve watched a seed become a sapling, then in time a tree

When such a wonderous thing can happen it gives hope to me.

Every season of a person’s life is determined and purposed by God.  He is ultimately in every beginning and ending, every growth and decline.  In all of life to do anything out of season limits the prospects for full prosperity.

The expression “time and tide wait for no man”, was possibly coined around 1225.  It was used as an example to show that man couldn’t control the seas.  But actually tide mean’t a season or period of time, and that no man is so powerful enough to stop the march of time.  No earthly man that is…but God can and does.

One day you’ll stand here as I do, with your loved ones by your side

and to them you’ll say as I say this day, have no fear all things time will provide.

What God has put in the human heart cannot be discovered or fulfilled through the experiences of this world, because we are made for the next (eternity).  Still God has bestowed us opportunities to act for the good even in the difficult times to allow us to discover that His plan is good and beautiful.

But it takes time, it takes time

Lots and lots of time.


To help us keep our minds, our hearts and our beings stayed on him, God sent his son Jesus to teach us and show us the way, as HE, “IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”.  Accepting Him into our hearts and allowing Him to guide us each day prepares us for the time when he calls us up to be with Him in eternity.

For those who do not know and trust Jesus and God the Father for all they require in this life, the times ahead are going to be perilous.  Filled with anxiety, fear, strife and possibly death.  Sorry for getting morbid, but it’s true.  Revelation gives a detailed account of what will transpire after Jesus takes those of us who are faithful to Him up to heaven.  He saves us from those bad times to come.  Praise His Name!

bowed head in prayerIt takes no time at all to bow our heads and ask Jesus to live in our hearts this very moment.  MAKE GOD TIME every day keep current with his Word.  He makes time for us…the least we can do is make time for Him.


God is never in a hurry