Why Did God Give Us Jesus?

The One and Only Perfect God is Living and is True,
God gave His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for me and you.
Who died for me and you, Who died for me and you,
God gave His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for me and you.
Jesus, our Perfect Saviour’s fully God and fully man,
He died, was buried, rose again, To save the sons of men,
To save the sons of men, To save the sons of men,
He died, was buried, rose again, To save the sons of men.
The Bible is God’s Perfect Book, inspired and kept pure.
Forever ev’ry word kept pure, Of this we can be sure!
Of this we can be sure! Of this we can be sure!
Forever ev’ry word kept pure, Of this we can be sure!
O Trust Him for Salvation free of body and of soul,
He’ll save you to the uttermost, O Trust in Him my soul!
O Trust in Him my soul! O Trust in Him my soul!
He’ll save you to the uttermost, O Trust in Him my soul!

“God’s Perfect Gift”, by J. Khoo (edited by C. Tan), from HymnPod


Everybody thinks Christmas is just a holiday, like any other.  Everybody has a different interpretation of what Christmas is supposed to be.  Presents, tree, parties, Santa.  But I must tell you that Christmas is much deeper than the secular world is willing to pursue.  Christmas is a fulfilling of hundreds of years of prophecy.  Christmas is a very sobering, yet joyous, marvelous and mystical moment for us all.

Why God?
Why Christmas?
Why Jesus?

Christmas is a time of spiritual reflection of the important foundations of Christian faith.  But it is also a celebration that God the Father gave us His Son Jesus Christ, to live among us and to save us from the state of sin humankind is in and offer us salvation.

Why God?

God the Father is our creator.  He made the world and everyone and everything in it.  God is all about love.  His love for us, our love for each other.  His divine plan was that the world He created was a place we would live with everything we could ever need and enjoy, in peace and harmony.  All we had to do was obey what He asked us to do.  But unfortunately the human race had other ideas and didn’t want to abide by His wishes.  And so through the ages, time and time again, God gave us the opportunities to come back to the way He first desired us to live.

Why Christmas?

The story of Christmas began long, long ago.  The foretelling of His appearance was far back in the Old Testament.  The prophecies were given 500-700 years before the birth of Christ.  His virgin birth was told to us, and the place Bethlehem, which was a small and not so grand place was mentioned.  A humble place, for a humble birth, for a humble person.  Jesus birth was not only historical, but a fulfillment of prophecy.  You can read for yourselves the story of the birth of Jesus in the Bible, Matthew chapters 1 and 2 and in Luke chapter 2.

Even to the shepherds who were the least significant of people, the most despised, but who were important to be the first to know about Jesus’ birth.  Showing us that Jesus came for everyone no matter what their status in life is.  Nobody is unreachable.  A star shown in the sky leading others to Him, which remained steadfast in the sky until those who God had directed to Jesus had the chance to come and honour Him, such as the Wise Men.  It was all God’s divine plan.  Later, the Old Testament prophet Isaiah speaks of the Man of Sorrows, which describes Jesus’ death for us.  It was all foretold and it all came to pass.

Why Jesus?

Jesus was always with God the Father from the beginning of time.  They worked in unison from the get-go, to now, and will in eternity.  Jesus was sent to earth by the Father so He could live as we do.  He came as a baby, the celebration we know as Christmas.  He grew up as most children do, learning things by His earthly father Joseph, a carpenter and mother Mary, a woman of God, with the exception that He already knew more, as He was GodHe grew through all the things we go through as humans so He could sympathize with us, to know what we feel, in love, hate, anger, hunger, ridicule, pain and suffering, joy and gladness.  Jesus never sinned and sin was never a part of His life.  We are sinners from the beginning of our lives.  We are not outcasts, we are not unreachable.  Jesus came to redeem us.  Christmas is the outpouring of God’s love through a Person.

Jesus came to us mostly, so He could die for us.  We were in need of a Saviour.  Through His dying on the cross, He carried all our sin away.  He made the way for us to find redemption, by coming to live among us.  Which gave us the opportunity to accept Him into our hearts and cleanse us from our sin that we would have an abundant life now and in eternity.

So, Why Did God Give Us Jesus?

First, through Mary and Joseph, God shows us that He uses people for His purpose.  He chooses people for important duties, who are faithful and obedient to Him, who ask no questions, but simply follows.

Second, through the shepherds, God shows us that the least of us are not neglected.  He incorporates everyone no matter what their status in life, He loves them and wants them in His kingdom.

Third, through the manger, God shows us that our hearts are as empty as a trough in a stable, until we fill it with Jesus as our Saviour.

Fourth, Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10).  We are all lost and sin filled, until we allow Jesus into our hearts and lives.  Jesus lived among us to learn all that we as humans endure, without the sin, so he could know and feel all that we do.  He knows how we feel about everything.  Jesus died and rose again, so that we too, who are in Christ can live, after death, in eternity with Him and the Father.  Only through the shedding of His blood on the cross could we be cleansed of sin.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

John 3:17

“For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”

Life with Jesus is so much better, than without Him.

The world needs to revisit Christmas anew, to experience
God’s indescribable Gift of Jesus.


Christmas has so many other wonderful things that bring us joy.  The lights, presents, singing carols, trees and family meals together. 

The joy Jesus brings lasts a lifetime and then some. 
Have a very Merry Christmas!

If you do not know Jesus or have Him as your Saviour, simply say this little prayer and ask Him into your heart.  Start living with Jesus in this coming new year.  What a glorious year it will be.

It’s a relationship not a religion.