Once upon a time Mosul was the centre for regional and international trade: Grain export, the manufacture of cotton thread and fabric, and trafficking in sheep hides and wool were important activities. Located on the trade routes that led to eastern Anatolia and thence to the Black Sea, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran to the south, goods from Mosul were shipped by raft down the Tigris to Baghdad or overland to Aleppo and Damascus or points north.

Today on the plains of Nineveh devastation is immense and the bloodshed is far from over.  The Iraqi Army has began driving ISIS out of the city of Mosul, but they have far to go.  Mosul city is the centre of the battlefield. ISIS is using civilians as human shields, and there is a high risk booby traps or explosive material blocking escape routes.  Families have been killed and horribly injured by IEDs and mortar shells. Young boys and girls have been shot in the back by ISIS snipers as they try to run for safety.  Mosul is the modern name for Nineveh, where God called Jonah to preach.  Christian relief work is being done but some parts are still too risky for Christians to return yet.  But through prayer and trust in God a greater, wider gate for Christians to give relief and tell of God’s love for them can open.

  •  Pray for the hope that is provided by Christians in the midst of this terror.
  •  Pray for the hope that is in Gods love, for these people in Mosul are His children too.
  •  Pray for the Lord to bring His peace to this broken place.
  •  Pray for the Gospel that is ministered, to take root in the hearts of those who hear it. 

Scripture Reading:  Jonah 3

May God add his blessing to the prayers sent today.