Jos, Nigeria has been the epicenter of conflict between the Islamic and Christian civilizations in Africa.  Christians say that the government does not do enough to fight the terrorists, who are divided between Fulani and Boko Haram.   In well-known Christian villages, houses were razed, crops destroyed, and people burned alive.  Their charred corpses were heaped in piles.    The Fulani herdsman, who are Muslims, have lived in peace with their Christian neighbours for decades.  Jos is majority-Christian.  It has been reported that the Nigerian president is telling the world that the explanation for this brutality is conflict between Fulani herdsman and farmers.  As a Nigerian headline put it, ‘Bukhari [the president] says 300 Fulani cows were stolen.’  In other words, the Fulani herdsmen retaliated because their cows were stolen.”  But if the government can use these radicals to drive Christians out, Jos can become a majority-Muslim area.  Jos has always been mostly Christian and has been coveted by Muslims for generations.  It is one of the best places in Nigeria to live.  Are the cows more important and worthy of saving than the people?  Not in God’s eyes.  He loves the Nigerians as much as He loves us.  They need our prayers.

  • Pray for the Christians in Jos.  They covet your prayers.
  • Pray for these persecuted Christians, who are standing strong in the midst of hellish attacks.
  • Pray that they may overcome terrorism, may they be granted wisdom, courage, strength and help from our heavenly Father.
  • Pray that President Buhari and his administration would do the right thing and that these Fulani herdsmen would come to saving faith.


Scripture Reading:  Psalm 46:1-3

May God add his blessing to the prayers sent today.