As I write this, Syria, particularly Aleppo, is in dire straights.  Hundreds of civilians stay up all night awaiting evacuation, but buses fail to leave, as shelling of rebel-held territory resumes.  Aleppo’s besieged residents have faced weeks of bombardment and chronic food and fuel shortages.  More than 1,000 people are thought to have been killed in the Syrian government’s latest campaign in Aleppo while tens of thousands more have been displaced. Many have been living without functioning hospitals or much running water and electricity. They faced a choice of making a last stand or surrendering to the regime’s allied militias, who the UN said had killed civilians in newly-reclaimed areas.  Some locals were burning their belongings in their homes so they would not be looted.  It’s difficult to leave your belongings and know your enemy will take them.

  • Pray for the many who have been misplaced in refugee villages and those who have fled to other countries and are displaced.
  • Pray for leadership that settlements can be made between the divided government.
  • Pray for godly, able and fair leadership to bring stability and some peace to this nation and region.
  • Pray for the Christians of this land that their presence will bring the gospel message. Praying that their lives will be spared for the future of Christ’s church in Syria.

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 113:4-8

May God add his blessing to the prayers sent today.